Species details

Pipizella maculipennis (Meigen, 1822)


There are continental reports of larval associations as a predator upon root-dwelling aphids. There are no British rearing records. The adult is rarely recorded and there are no clear pointers as to its particular behaviour, but others within the genus are sun-baskers and flower visitors, especially at low-growing umbellifers. The range of localities suggests that its habitat preferences range from grasslands through grass heaths to woodlands, but a common thread seems to be low-growing vegetation in warm situations.


Although there are records from southern and western Scotland, the majority of records occur south of Warwickshire. There are post-1990 records from West Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire, North Hampshire, South Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex and West Suffolk.


Lower Risk (Nationally scarce) - Ball & Morris, 2010. Rare (RDB3) - Falk, 1991 and Shirt, 1987.