Species details

Melangyna cincta (Fallén, 1817)


Syrphus cinctus Fallén in Coe (1953). Melangyna cincta (Fallén) in Stubbs & Falk, 1983.


The larva is aphidophagous, appearing to favour Phyllaphis fagi on Beech Fagus sylvatica, but with records from aphids on Oak Quercus, Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus and Lime Tilia sp. which are reinforced by the widespread distribution of records in areas not noted for their Beech woods. This is a species is typically found in glades, rides and edges, but can also occur around scrub and mature hedges. Adults are usually seen visiting flowers and are especially fond of white umbels along wooded tracksides. Males hover at some height over tracks and clearings in woodland.


Most records lie south of a line between the Solway and Humber Estuaries but there are scattered records to Sutherland.