Species details

Mallota cimbiciformis (Fallén, 1817)


This is a woodland and parkland species that is associated with over-mature trees with water-filled rot-holes. The larva is a filter-feeder and develops in water-filled rot -holes in trees such as Beech Fagus sylvatica and Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastaneum. It occasionally strays some distance from its breeding site and has been found at Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium some distance from suitable trees.


This is mainly a southern English species that occurs sporadically as far north as Glasgow. There are post-1990 records from Cornwall, Dorset, North Somerset, South Hampshire, North Wiltshire, South Essex, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, South-east Yorkshire, South Lancashire Durham and Lannarkshire.


Lower Risk (Nationally scarce) - Ball & Morris, 2010. Notable - Falk, 1991. Vulnerable (RDB2) - Shirt, 1987.