Species details

Eupeodes corollae (Fabricius, 1794)


Syrphus corollae Fabricius (consisto Harris) in Coe (1953), Metasyrphus corollae (Fabricius) in Stubbs & Falk (1983).


The larva feeds on aphids on various low growing plants, especially Leguminosae. Adults highly mobile and may be found at flowers in open situations ranging from woodland clearings to arable farmland and urban areas. They visit a wide range of flowers and commonly occur in parks and gardens. This species overwinters as a puparium and has a very long flight period.


One of the commonest flower-visiting species throughout Britain, and believed to be boosted in abundance, at least in some years, by migration from the continent. This is primarily a southern species but it occurs throughout the British Isles. More northerly records tend to be from coastal and lowland situations.