Species details

Eumerus ornatus Meigen, 1822


The larva is not described, but larvae of this genus usually live in plant bulbs or roots. Adults are normally found in deciduous woodland where they can be found resting on bare patches on paths and banks, flying low over, or sunning on, short vegetation. Males are distinctly territorial and defend sun-lit patches. They occasionally visit flowers such as Herb Robert Geranium robertianum.


A local species in well-wooded areas of southern Britain, with scattered records north to the Lake District. There are also a few scattered records in southern and central Scotland. Recent records suggest that this species is less scarce than was thought, and may often be overlooked because of its habit of staying close to the ground in dappled light in woodland.


Was listed as "Notable" by Falk, 1991, but dropped from this status by Ball & Morris, 2010 who consider it LOWER RISK.