Species details

Eristalis similis (Fallén, 1817)


Eristalis pratorum (Meigen, 1822) in Falk (1990) and Stubbs (1996).


The larva of this species remains undescribed, but other members of this genus are of the "long-tailed", aquatic type. Single adults have been found on two occasions in a woodland ride and a damp area in a conifer plantation. In continental Europe it is associated with mature to over-mature deciduous forest and Mediterranean evergreen forests. Adult males hover at 2-4m over woodland tracks, and both sexes can be found sitting on sunny trunks or visiting flowers (Speight, 1988).


Falk (1990) added this species to the British list on the basis of a single specimen found in Warwickshire in March 1990. Subsequently, there have been quite a number of records and it appears to be increasingly frequent, but there is little sign of a pattern. It appears to be a casual visitor at the moment and may also be over-looked or misidentified by many recorders.


Occasional immigrant.