Species details

Eristalinus aeneus (Scopoli, 1763)


Eristalis aeneus Scopoli in Coe (1953).


This is a coastal species in Britain. The larva is of the "long-tailed", aquatic type, and lives in brackish pools and rock-pools where decaying seaweed accumulates. Adults are often found basking on bare areas or rocks on paths and banks, or visiting flowers such as Ragwort Senecio, within close proximity of the coast. It overwinters as an adult.


This is predominantly a coastal species and it seems very likely that some inland records are misidentifications. However, it is not confined to coastal areas in most of its European range, so it is possible that, as the climate warms, its British distribution may change. Most records are from southern regions, especially from the coastal marshes in Suffolk, Essex and Kent and from the Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset coasts. It occurs north to Sutherland.