Species details

Chrysotoxum elegans Loew, 1841


A larva of this species was found beneath a stone in grassland. It is believed that larvae of this genus feed on ant attended root aphids in ant nests. The adult occurs in a variety of well drained, grassy situations ranging from woodland edge and scrubby downland in south-east England, to open cliff-tops in the south west. Adults fly low and fast over low vegetation and visit flowers, including white umbels and buttercups Ranunculus sp.


This is a southern species that is mainly found in coastal localities, especially along cliff tops such as on the Gower Peninsular and on the south coasts of Devon and Cornwall and also on chalk in Cambridgeshire. Most inland locations are south-facing Chalk grasslands. It seems to have been recorded more frequently since 2000 and there is some evidence of range expansion.


Lower Risk (Nationally scarce) - Ball & Morris, 2010. Rare (RDB3) - Falk, 1991 and Shirt 1987.