Species details

Cheilosia sahlbergi Becker, 1894


The larva appears to be associated with Alpine Bistort Polygonum viviparum, where it may graze roots externally. Adults occur at high altitude (700m upwards) and have been recorded visiting the flowers of Tormentil Potentilla erecta and Saxifraga spp. usually near water. They fly low and rapidly over the vegetation often perching on sun-lit stones and rocks in sheltered spots.


Restricted to mountainous areas of northern Scotland especially parts of the Cairngorms and Perthshire. Since this is a habitat that is visited infrequently by entomologists and occasions when the weather is suitable to find adults are rather restrictive, it is probably under recorded. Species distribution modelling suggests that this is one of the species most vulnerable to climate change.


VULNERABLE - Ball & Morris, 2010. Vulnerable (RDB2) - Falk, 1991. Rare (RDB3) - Shirt, 1987.